Our teaching is based on YOUR company's installation - at your own address.

At present, we have two educational packages, one for backup and one for SAN.

For example, the SAN package contains:

A 2-day course where you get an experienced SAN consultant out on your location.

The first day is used by the consultant to review your SAN environment and get familiarized with how it is structured and what operating status is. On that basis a brief documentation is written.

On day 2 you all get on the school bench and the consultant explains everything about how your environment is built up and how it works. We end up solving practical tasks to be carried out on your environment.

During the course, we cover the entire line from the drivers on the server, over the HBA cards, the SAN switches and the storage system you have, so the training is at high speed level throughout the whole day. The course is ended with a presentation of a report created from an analysis of the SAN, and you get recommendations on how you best proceed from where you are.