IT Infrastructure Specialists

Our services are centralized around the availability of the company data.

We are experts in the following areas:

  • Backup
  • Converting of backup platform / Catalog manipulation
  • Archiving (file and mail systems)
  • SAN (Storage, switch, HBA..)
  • High Availability (clustering)
  • System administration
  • Analysis of the unstructured company data (file and mail)

We have certified consultants, who with more than 40 years aggregated experience, are able to advice about, troubleshoot within and operate environments of any given size.

Over the years, we have become acquainted with many hardware and software solutions to solve the above areas, but have chosen to focus on the products that we believe provide the highest value for our customers. Read more about our partners and their products below and contact us to find out more about which products fit your business and how we can help.

Veritas partner

DV Consulting is a long-time Veritas consulting Partner. We have more than 20 years of expertise in the classic Veritas products for Backup, High Availability and Archiving: NetBackup, Infoscale (Storage Foundation and Clustering) and Enterprise Vault (mail and file archiving). However, our expertise is not limited to these areas but also covers Access (A scale-out appliance for Long Term Retention Backup and Archiving that integrates perfectly with NetBackup and Enterprise Vault), Data Insight (analysis and reporting on the company's unstructured data - an important GDPR tool!) and Information Map. DV Consulting distributes licenses in connection with operating agreements and provides consulting assistance in connection with installation and troubleshooting of Veritas software.

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Cohesity partner

DV Consulting is a new Cohesion Partner!

Cohesity is your primary choice of secondary storage.

It means, in all its simplicity, that you don't have to consider other solutions if your needs are a highly accessible, efficient file service and an efficient backup solution integrated into an appliance solution with a modern, simple and intuitive user interface.

DV Consulting sells appliances and provides consulting assistance in connection with installing and troubleshooting Cohesity software.

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Linbit partner

DV Consulting is Linbit Partner.

Linbit is the developer of Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD), which is an integrated core module in Linux. DRBD is the foundation of a so-called "Shared-Nothing" Cluster (typically based on Pacemaker), just as DRBD is the basis for lightning-fast redundant Software Defined Storage (SDS) that has broad applications such as container storage (Kubernetes), Storage in Private Clouds (Openstack, OpenSDS). and Open Nebula), in Public Clouds (IBM, Google Cloud, Azure and AWS) and in traditional virtualization environments (Proxmox)

DV Consulting sell Linbit's support licenses (24x7 support on DRBD-based solutions), just as we provide consulting assistance in connection with installation and troubleshooting on systems based on Linbit's products.

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